Gomill is a suite of tools, and a Python library, for use in developing and testing Go-playing programs.

Note that Gomill requires Python 2. If you need Python 3, the SGF parts of gomill are available under the name sgfmill.

See the online documentation for a full description (or older documentation).


You can download Gomill from the Python Package Index, or the links below.

Gomill 0.8.32019-03-14Source distribution 236KHTML documentation 283K
Gomill 0.8.22018-02-11Source distribution 236KHTML documentation 283K
Gomill 0.8.12018-02-03Source distribution 235KHTML documentation 282K
Gomill 0.82017-04-14Source distribution 235KHTML documentation 269K
Gomill 0.7.42012-08-26Source distribution 213KHTML documentation 262K
Gomill 0.7.32012-05-02Source distribution 212KHTML documentation 259K
Gomill 0.7.22011-09-05Source distribution 210KHTML documentation 188K
Gomill 0.7.12011-08-15Source distribution 204KHTML documentation 187K
Gomill 0.72011-08-13Source distribution 204KHTML documentation 187K
Gomill 0.62011-02-13Source distribution 160KHTML documentation 120K
Gomill 0.52010-10-29Source distribution 146KHTML documentation 105K

See the changelog for the differences between the versions.

A Git repository is available, including unreleased work:
git clone https://mjw.woodcraft.me.uk/gomill/git gomill
(or via gitweb, or GitHub).


Gomill is free software, distributed under the MIT licence. See README.txt in the source distribution for the full text.

Matthew Woodcraft matthew@woodcraft.me.uk