The Gomill library

Gomill is intended to be useful as a Python library for developing GTP- and SGF-based tools.

Library status

As of Gomill 0.6, most of the library API is not formally documented, and should not be considered entirely stable.

Nonetheless, the source files contain fairly detailed documentation, and the example scripts illustrate how various parts of the library can be used.

Most of the tournament_results module is documented under Tournament results API.

Library overview

Generic support code

  • gomill_utils
  • compact_tracebacks
  • ascii_tables
  • job_manager
  • settings

Go-related support code

  • gomill_common
  • ascii_boards
  • boards
  • handicap_layout

SGF support

  • sgf_reader
  • sgf_writer

GTP controller side

  • gtp_controller
  • gtp_games

GTP engine side

  • gtp_engine
  • gtp_states
  • gtp_proxy


  • competition_schedulers
  • competitions
  • tournament_results
  • tournaments
  • playoffs
  • allplayalls
  • cem_tuners
  • mcts_tuners

The Ringmaster

  • game_jobs
  • terminal_input
  • ringmaster_presenters
  • ringmasters
  • ringmaster_command_line