Source code for gomill.tournament_results

"""Retrieving and reporting on tournament results."""

from __future__ import division

from gomill import ascii_tables
from gomill.utils import format_float, format_percent
from gomill.common import colour_name

[docs]class Matchup_description(object): """Description of a matchup (pairing of two players). Public attributes: id -- matchup id (very short string) player_1 -- player code (identifier-like string) player_2 -- player code (identifier-like string) name -- string (eg 'xxx v yyy') board_size -- int komi -- float alternating -- bool handicap -- int or None handicap_style -- 'fixed' or 'free' move_limit -- int scorer -- 'internal' or 'players' number_of_games -- int or None If alternating is False, player_1 plays black and player_2 plays white; otherwise they alternate. player_1 and player_2 are always different. """
[docs] def describe_details(self): """Return a text description of game settings. This covers the most important game settings which can't be observed in the results table (board size, handicap, and komi). """ s = "board size: %s " % self.board_size if self.handicap is not None: s += "handicap: %s (%s) " % ( self.handicap, self.handicap_style) s += "komi: %s" % self.komi return s
[docs]class Tournament_results(object): """Provide access to results of a single tournament. The tournament results are catalogued in terms of 'matchups', with each matchup corresponding to a series of games which have the same players and settings. Each matchup has an id, which is a short string. """ def __init__(self, matchup_list, results): self.matchup_list = matchup_list self.results = results self.matchups = dict((, m) for m in matchup_list)
[docs] def get_matchup_ids(self): """Return a list of all matchup ids, in definition order.""" return [ for m in self.matchup_list]
[docs] def get_matchup(self, matchup_id): """Describe the matchup with the specified id. Returns a Matchup_description (which should be treated as read-only). """ return self.matchups[matchup_id]
[docs] def get_matchups(self): """Return a map matchup id -> Matchup_description.""" return self.matchups.copy()
[docs] def get_matchup_results(self, matchup_id): """Return the results for the specified matchup. Returns a list of gtp_games.Game_results (in unspecified order). The Game_results all have game_id set. """ return self.results[matchup_id][:]
[docs] def get_matchup_stats(self, matchup_id): """Return statistics for the specified matchup. Returns a Matchup_stats object. """ matchup = self.matchups[matchup_id] ms = Matchup_stats(self.results[matchup_id], matchup.player_1, matchup.player_2) ms.calculate_colour_breakdown() ms.calculate_time_stats() return ms
[docs]class Matchup_stats(object): """Result statistics for games between a pair of players. Instantiate with results -- list of gtp_games.Game_results player_1 -- player code player_2 -- player code The game results should all be for games between player_1 and player_2. Public attributes: player_1 -- player code player_2 -- player code total -- int (number of games) wins_1 -- float (score) wins_2 -- float (score) forfeits_1 -- int (number of games) forfeits_2 -- int (number of games) unknown -- int (number of games) scores are multiples of 0.5 (as there may be jigos). """ def __init__(self, results, player_1, player_2): self._results = results self.player_1 = player_1 self.player_2 = player_2 = len(results) js = self._jigo_score = 0.5 * sum(r.is_jigo for r in results) self.unknown = sum(r.winning_player is None and not r.is_jigo for r in results) self.wins_1 = sum(r.winning_player == player_1 for r in results) + js self.wins_2 = sum(r.winning_player == player_2 for r in results) + js self.forfeits_1 = sum(r.winning_player == player_2 and r.is_forfeit for r in results) self.forfeits_2 = sum(r.winning_player == player_1 and r.is_forfeit for r in results) def calculate_colour_breakdown(self): """Calculate futher statistics, broken down by colour played. Sets the following additional attributes: played_1b -- int (number of games) played_1w -- int (number of games) played_2b -- int (number of games) played_y2 -- int (number of games) alternating -- bool when alternating is true => wins_b -- float (score) wins_w -- float (score) wins_1b -- float (score) wins_1w -- float (score) wins_2b -- float (score) wins_2w -- float (score) else => colour_1 -- 'b' or 'w' colour_2 -- 'b' or 'w' """ results = self._results player_1 = self.player_1 player_2 = self.player_2 js = self._jigo_score self.played_1b = sum(r.player_b == player_1 for r in results) self.played_1w = sum(r.player_w == player_1 for r in results) self.played_2b = sum(r.player_b == player_2 for r in results) self.played_y2 = sum(r.player_w == player_2 for r in results) if self.played_1w == 0 and self.played_2b == 0: self.alternating = False self.colour_1 = 'b' self.colour_2 = 'w' elif self.played_1b == 0 and self.played_y2 == 0: self.alternating = False self.colour_1 = 'w' self.colour_2 = 'b' else: self.alternating = True self.wins_b = sum(r.winning_colour == 'b' for r in results) + js self.wins_w = sum(r.winning_colour == 'w' for r in results) + js self.wins_1b = sum( r.winning_player == player_1 and r.winning_colour == 'b' for r in results) + js self.wins_1w = sum( r.winning_player == player_1 and r.winning_colour == 'w' for r in results) + js self.wins_2b = sum( r.winning_player == player_2 and r.winning_colour == 'b' for r in results) + js self.wins_2w = sum( r.winning_player == player_2 and r.winning_colour == 'w' for r in results) + js def calculate_time_stats(self): """Calculate CPU time statistics. average_time_1 -- float or None average_time_2 -- float or None """ player_1 = self.player_1 player_2 = self.player_2 times_1 = [r.cpu_times[player_1] for r in self._results] known_times_1 = [t for t in times_1 if t is not None and t != '?'] times_2 = [r.cpu_times[player_2] for r in self._results] known_times_2 = [t for t in times_2 if t is not None and t != '?'] if known_times_1: self.average_time_1 = sum(known_times_1) / len(known_times_1) else: self.average_time_1 = None if known_times_2: self.average_time_2 = sum(known_times_2) / len(known_times_2) else: self.average_time_2 = None
def make_matchup_stats_table(ms): """Produce an ascii table showing matchup statistics. ms -- Matchup_stats (with all statistics set) returns an ascii_tables.Table """ ff = format_float pct = format_percent t = ascii_tables.Table(row_count=3) t.add_heading("") # player name i = t.add_column(align='left', right_padding=3) t.set_column_values(i, [ms.player_1, ms.player_2]) t.add_heading("wins") i = t.add_column(align='right') t.set_column_values(i, [ff(ms.wins_1), ff(ms.wins_2)]) t.add_heading("") # overall pct i = t.add_column(align='right') t.set_column_values(i, [pct(ms.wins_1,, pct(ms.wins_2,]) if ms.alternating: t.columns[i].right_padding = 7 t.add_heading("black", span=2) i = t.add_column(align='left') t.set_column_values(i, [ff(ms.wins_1b), ff(ms.wins_2b), ff(ms.wins_b)]) i = t.add_column(align='right', right_padding=5) t.set_column_values(i, [pct(ms.wins_1b, ms.played_1b), pct(ms.wins_2b, ms.played_2b), pct(ms.wins_b,]) t.add_heading("white", span=2) i = t.add_column(align='left') t.set_column_values(i, [ff(ms.wins_1w), ff(ms.wins_2w), ff(ms.wins_w)]) i = t.add_column(align='right', right_padding=3) t.set_column_values(i, [pct(ms.wins_1w, ms.played_1w), pct(ms.wins_2w, ms.played_y2), pct(ms.wins_w,]) else: t.columns[i].right_padding = 3 t.add_heading("") i = t.add_column(align='left') t.set_column_values(i, ["(%s)" % colour_name(ms.colour_1), "(%s)" % colour_name(ms.colour_2)]) if ms.forfeits_1 or ms.forfeits_2: t.add_heading("forfeits") i = t.add_column(align='right') t.set_column_values(i, [ms.forfeits_1, ms.forfeits_2]) if ms.average_time_1 or ms.average_time_2: if ms.average_time_1 is not None: avg_time_1_s = "%7.2f" % ms.average_time_1 else: avg_time_1_s = " ----" if ms.average_time_2 is not None: avg_time_2_s = "%7.2f" % ms.average_time_2 else: avg_time_2_s = " ----" t.add_heading("avg cpu") i = t.add_column(align='right', right_padding=2) t.set_column_values(i, [avg_time_1_s, avg_time_2_s]) return t def write_matchup_summary(out, matchup, ms): """Write a summary block for the specified matchup to 'out'. matchup -- Matchup_description ms -- Matchup_stats (with all statistics set) """ def p(s): print >>out, s if matchup.number_of_games is None: played_s = "%d" % else: played_s = "%d/%d" % (, matchup.number_of_games) p("%s (%s games)" % (, played_s)) if ms.unknown > 0: p("unknown results: %d %s" % (ms.unknown, format_percent(ms.unknown, p(matchup.describe_details()) p("\n".join(make_matchup_stats_table(ms).render()))