Source code for gomill.common

"""Domain-dependent utility functions for gomill.

This module is designed to be used with 'from common import *'.

This is for Go-specific utilities; see utils for generic utility functions.


__all__ = ["opponent_of", "colour_name", "format_vertex", "format_vertex_list",

_opponents = {"b":"w", "w":"b"}
[docs]def opponent_of(colour): """Return the opponent colour. colour -- 'b' or 'w' Returns 'b' or 'w'. """ try: return _opponents[colour] except KeyError: raise ValueError
[docs]def colour_name(colour): """Return the (lower-case) full name of a colour. colour -- 'b' or 'w' """ try: return {'b': 'black', 'w': 'white'}[colour] except KeyError: raise ValueError
[docs]def format_vertex(move): """Return coordinates as a string like 'A1', or 'pass'. move -- pair (row, col), or None for a pass The result is suitable for use directly in GTP responses. """ if move is None: return "pass" row, col = move if not 0 <= row < 25 or not 0 <= col < 25: raise ValueError return column_letters[col] + str(row+1)
[docs]def format_vertex_list(moves): """Return a list of coordinates as a string like 'A1,B2'.""" return ",".join(map(format_vertex, moves))
[docs]def move_from_vertex(vertex, board_size): """Interpret a string representing a vertex, as specified by GTP. Returns a pair of coordinates (row, col) in range(0, board_size) Raises ValueError with an appropriate message if 'vertex' isn't a valid GTP vertex specification for a board of size 'board_size'. """ if not 0 < board_size <= 25: raise ValueError("board_size out of range") try: s = vertex.lower() except Exception: raise ValueError("invalid vertex") if s == "pass": return None try: col_c = s[0] if (not "a" <= col_c <= "z") or col_c == "i": raise ValueError if col_c > "i": col = ord(col_c) - ord("b") else: col = ord(col_c) - ord("a") row = int(s[1:]) - 1 if row < 0: raise ValueError except (IndexError, ValueError): raise ValueError("invalid vertex: '%s'" % s) if not (col < board_size and row < board_size): raise ValueError("vertex is off board: '%s'" % s) return row, col