List of SGF properties

Sgfmill knows about all general and Go-specific SGF properties defined in FF[4]:

Id SGF type Meaning
AB list of Stone Add Black
AE list of Point Add Empty
AN SimpleText Annotation
AP SimpleText:SimpleText Application
AR list of Point:Point Arrow
AW list of Stone Add White
B Move Black move
BL Real Black time left
BM Double Bad move
BR SimpleText Black rank
BT SimpleText Black team
C Text Comment
CA SimpleText Charset
CP SimpleText Copyright
CR list of Point Circle
DD elist of Point Dim Points
DM Double Even position
DO None Doubtful
DT SimpleText Date
EV SimpleText Event
FF Number File format
FG None | Number:SimpleText Figure
GB Double Good for Black
GC Text Game comment
GM Number Game
GN SimpleText Game name
GW Double Good for White
HA Number Handicap
HO Double Hotspot
IT None Interesting
KM Real Komi
KO None Ko
LB list of Point:SimpleText Label
LN list of Point:Point Line
MA list of Point Mark
MN Number Set move number
N SimpleText Node name
OB Number Overtime stones left for Black
ON SimpleText Opening
OT SimpleText Overtime description
OW Number Overtime stones left for White
PB SimpleText Black player name
PC SimpleText Place
PL Colour Player to play
PM Number Print move mode
PW SimpleText White player name
RE SimpleText Result
RO SimpleText Round
RU SimpleText Rules
SL list of Point Selected
SO SimpleText Source
SQ list of Point Square
ST Number Style
SZ Number Size
TB elist of Point Black territory
TE Double Tesuji
TM Real Time limit
TR list of Point Triangle
TW elist of Point White territory
UC Double Unclear position
US SimpleText User
V Real Value
VW elist of Point View
W Move White move
WL Real White time left
WR SimpleText White rank
WT SimpleText White team