The sgfmill package

All Sgfmill code is contained in modules under the sgfmill package.

The package module itself defines only a single constant:


The library version, as a string (like "1.0").


The package includes the following modules:

sgf High level SGF interface.
sgf_moves Higher-level processing of moves and positions from SGF games.
sgf_board_interface Go-board interface required by sgf_moves.
sgf_grammar The SGF parser.
sgf_properties Interpreting SGF property values.
Go-related support code  
boards Go board representation.
ascii_boards ASCII Go board diagrams.
common Go-related utility functions.

The main public interface is in the sgf module.

The sgf_moves module contains some higher-level functions for processing moves and positions.

The sgf_board_interface module defines an abstract board interface required by functions in sgf_moves (and implemented by boards.Board).

The sgf_grammar and sgf_properties modules are used to implement the sgf module, and are not currently documented.

The boards module provides a Go board representation, used by sgf_moves.

The ascii_boards module supports ASCII board diagrams, used by some example scripts and the testsuite.

The common module provides a few Go-related utility functions, mostly used only by ascii_boards.