Sgfmill requires Python 3.2 or later. There are no other requirements.

This is a Python 3 version of the SGF code from the Python 2 Gomill project. If you need Python 2 support, please use Gomill instead.


Sgfmill can be installed from the Python Package Index:

pip3 install sgfmill

To remove an installed version of Sgfmill, run

pip3 uninstall sgfmill

Downloading sources and documentation

The source distribution can be downloaded from the Python Package index, or from, as a file named sgfmill-version.tar.gz.

This documentation is distributed separately in html form at as sgfmill-doc-version.tar.gz.

The version-control history is available at

To install from the source distribution:

python3 bdist_wheel
pip3 install --user dist/sgfmill-*.whl

Running the test suite

The testsuite is available from the source distribution or a version-control checkout.

To run the testsuite against the distributed sgfmill package, change to the distribution directory and run


To run the testsuite against an installed sgfmill package, change to the distribution directory and run


Running the example scripts

The example scripts are included in the source distribution. To run them, it is simplest to install the sgfmill package first.

If you do not wish to do so, you can run

export PYTHONPATH=<path to the distribution directory>

so that the example scripts will be able to find the sgfmill package.

Building the documentation

The sources for this HTML documentation are included in the Sgfmill source distribution. To build the documentation, change to the distribution directory and run


The documentation will be generated in doc/_build/html.


  • Sphinx version 1.0 or later (tested with 1.2)